Easy  Air Fryer Pumpkin Recipe


Air Fryer Pumpkin is a simple Fall side that is quick to make and tastes delicious. This soft, roast pumpkin can be made in your air fryer in minutes!


– 2 lb pumpkin, peeled and deseeded – 1 tbsp vegetable oil (or any other light oil) – Seasoning

Preheat your air fryer to 360°F (180°C) and prepare and cut your pumpkin into wedges chunks, about 1 inch cubes.


Place the pumpkin in a large mixing bowl along with the oil and season well with the seasonings of your choice. Mix well to coat.


Place the prepared pumpkin chunks into the air fryer basket. Arrange the pieces so they are not touching each other. Place the basket into the air fryer and cook the pumpkin for 10 -15 minutes.


This Air Fryer Pumpkin recipe is also healthy to enjoy. Pumpkin is a highly nutritious vegetable and Air frying requires little to no oil to get vegetables roasted and caramalised.

A healthy Fall Side Dish

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