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Champagne Ombre Cake with Soft Italian Meringue Buttercream

Champagne Ombre Cake with Soft Italian Meringue Buttercream

Prep Time 40 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Total Time 1 hr 20 mins
Servings 1 4 layered 6" Cake


For the Champagne Cake:

  • 3 Eggs
  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 300 ml Champagne I used a sweet pink champagne/Milk
  • 4 ½ Cups Flour
  • 2 ¼ Cups Sugar
  • 360 g Soft Butter
  • 2 tsp Vanilla
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pink Food Colouring optional

For the Meringue Buttercream

  • 400 g Sugar
  • 250 ml Champagne or water
  • 270 g Egg White
  • 75 ml Water
  • 700 g Cold Butter chopped into blocks
  • 3 Different shades of pink food colouring or any other colours.


For the Champagne Cake:

  • Preheat oven to 180ºC/350ºF and line cake pans with baking paper.
  • Whisk together the eggs, egg whites, champagne and vanilla.
  • Using a paddle attachment, combine all the dry ingredients, butter and half of the champagne mixture.
  • Continue to mix, then add the remaining champagne mixture after scraping down the sides of the bowl.
  • Mix until smooth.
  • Pour batter into lined pans (I used 4 6" pans, or 2 pans at a time).
  • Bake for 40min or until fork inserted comes out clean.
  • Remove cakes from the oven and allow to cool, then remove them from the cake pans and allow to cool further on a wire rack.

For the Meringue Buttercream:

  • In a saucepan, bring the 350g of sugar, the champagne and the water to a simmer.
  • Allow to simmer until it reaches the soft ball stage (about 110ºC).
  • Meanwhile beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff peaks.
  • Once the sugar reaches the soft ball stage, pour the sugar mixture into the egg white mixture while beating on high speed. Make sure you pour the syrup in, in a slow steady stream.
  • Continue to whip the mixture on high speed until the bowl has cooled down to body temperature (you should be able to hold your hand against the bowl).
  • Then add the butter blocks to the mixture, one block at a time.
  • Continue to mix until you have a delicious creamy buttercream.


  • Cut the heads off of the cakes so that they are all the same size flat on top.
  • Then place icing on the bottom layer and add another layer and continue to do that until you have four layers perfectly stacked on top of each other.
  • Place the cake in the fridge for about 15min to allow the buttercream to harden slightly.
  • Then apply a thin layer of icing around the whole cake (crumb coat), and place the cake back in the fridge for at least another 20min.
  • To create the ombre effect, divide the remaining buttercream into 4 different bowls.
  • Mix in 3 different types of food colouring into each one, leaving the last bowl with the original white buttercream.
  • Remove the cake from the fridge, then starting at the bottom, place the darkest shade of pink roughly around the bottom of the cake (using a piping bag or spatula).
  • Then add the second shade, then the third and lastly place the remaining white buttercream on the top of the cake.
  • Then using either a smooth cake scraper or a large offset spatula, gently smooth the cake around, taking off all the excess icing. The colours will start to blend into each other slightly.
  • Continue to do so until the cake has a smooth appearance.
  • Place cake in fridge or serve immediately.