Chocolate Mousse

The Creamiest

"The only chocolate mousse recipe you will ever need!"

Why you will  LOVE this recipe:

- Made with only 6 ingredients. - Extra soft and fluffy. - Made with real dark chocolate for  a rich flavor.

– Whipping Cream – Gelatin Sheets – Eggs – Egg yolks – Sugar – Dark Chocolate – Vanilla Essence.


1. Whip cream until soft   peaks. 2. Place whipped cream in   the fridge. 3. Melt the dark chocolate. 4. Place the gelatin sheets in    a bowl with cold water    and allow to sit for 5-    10min.


5. Mix together the egg    yolks, eggs, vanilla and    sugar. 6. Place the egg mixture in a    glass bowl over    simmering water. 7. Immediately place the egg   mixture in your mixer and   whisk on high speed until   it becomes light and fluffy. 8. Squeeze all the water out   of the gelatin in a bowl  over hot water to melt.


9. Add the gelatin to the egg   mixture and continue   whisking on high speed. 10. Put your mixture on low    speed and slowly mix the    chocolate into the egg    mixture. 11. Fold the chocolate egg    mixture into the cream. 12. Scoop into bowls and    place in fridge for at least   2 hours to set.


Top with fresh berries, extra whipping cream or devour as is!

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