A Lemon and Honey Gin and Tonic recipe that is a sparkling twist on the classic Bee's Knees gin cocktail.

– Combine the honey and lemon syrup together. – Pour the mixture over ice in serving glasses. – Add a shot of gin and top with tonic water. – Stir gently and enjoy!

How to make it:

– Honey, slightly warmed – Lemon Cordial/Syrup – Gin – Tonic Water – Ice Cubes - Fresh lemon for garnish, optional


To turn this gin and tonic into a mocktail, simply omit the gin from the recipe and it will still be yummy and bubbly. Another option is to replace the gin in the recipe with your favorite non-alcoholic gin to create a delicious mocktail.

How to make a mocktail version:

This recipe takes a classic drink to the next level by adding lemon & honey to the drink. These flavors combine beautifully with the flavors of a classic G&T.

Get the full recipe on the link below!